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CT Scan / CT Angiography

Getting prepared for your CT scan is easy.  Most CT scans require little or no preparation before your appointment.  Please read and follow the instructions below to make sure we can perform the best study possible.

You must bring your prescription (order form) with you to the examination. If you have any questions regarding these instructions, call 703-588-8500.

General Instructions:

Special Intructions:

Certain examinations require patient preparation prior to the examination to ensure the most accurate study can be performed.  In some instances, we may ask you to reschedule your examination if you are unable to complete the preparatory requirements.

CT Colonography


CT Colonography requires a special preparation in order to obtain the most diagnostic examination possible.  The instructions for the examination should be followed completely.

Download CT Colonography Prep Instructions

CT Coronary Angiogram


CT Enterography


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